Looking for someone to design the layout of your dream home or space? House and commercial plan designs start at $150 per drawing. Plans are made by a junior architect. Drawings take 3-5 business days.

Is House/commercial better than residential?
Any type of property, whether it’s commercial or residential, can be a good investment opportunity. For your money, commercial properties typically offer more financial reward than residential properties, such as rental apartments or single-family homes, but there also can be more risks.

Can residential property be use as commercial?
If the zoning rules and the housing society management rules allow it, you can use or rent your residential property for commercial activity.

Is it smart to buy commercial property?
Yes, buying commercial property has proven to be a smart investment for those who know what to expect. The income potential alone is what draws so many real estate investors to this asset typ.

Who makes more money commercial or residential?
Earnings: Commercial property tends to present a higher earning potential than residential real estate. Although it is easier to get a residential property off the market, commercial agents can make a higher commission from the properties they sell.

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