Micro Niche Money Making Website

Do you want a great looking niche website without having to do any work yourself?

If the answer is yes, this is the gig for you.

We specialize in creating high quality and high converting websites with superior quality content and design.

You can also expect world class after sales support!

What you will get from me ?

  • Researched AdSense Profitable Keywords.
  • Exact Keyword with Low Competition
  • Keyword & Domain Name Suggestion
  • Premium High CTR WordPress Theme and Premium Plugins
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO for your Website
  • High Quality Articles Per Website (1000 words+ per article)
  • “Traffic Guide” PDF marketing plan

Why me?

Check out my profile reviews. 100% positive feedback from happy buyers!

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Micro Niche Money Making Website

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How do micro niche sites make money?

How to build a micro niche site

  1. Get a website up and running (duh).
  2. Choose a good niche.
  3. Write a bunch of helpful articles (keyword: helpful).
  4. Get traffic to the site.

Can you make money with niche websites?

How Much Money Can You Make From Niche WebsitesYou can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to well over six figures a year with niche sites. I personally know people making over $50,000 a month with their niche sites (but those results are not typical)