Welcome all buyers! Here is services from Cristina Gray, I can definitely give you a great design and with several variations to choose from in record time. I provide totally unique, modern and MINIMAL concepts with no use of clip art or previous logos, and will work until you satisfied. I will design fresh logo for your company, website, blog, product, business, software, document, brand and all other types.

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What is the meaning of minimalist logo design?
Minimalism Incorporating a minimalist approach into your logo design spares your consumer the clunky, gaudy design of your less sophisticated competitors and solidifies your place as a contemporary brand. … Minimalism is a design approach that utilizes existing elements, maximizing simplicity and capitalizing on space.

What is a simple design?
simple logo doesn’t need to look like a minimalist design from the 60s and 70s. While that aesthetic has its uses, “simple” is a word that covers a broader range of design than minimalism alone. A simple logo can revolve around a pared down design, clean typography or even a basic concept.

What is a good logo?
The best logos are simple enough to be understood at a moment’s glance. As designer Jeff Fisher puts it, a great logo should “catch the attention of a viewer zipping by signage at 70 miles per hour, on packaging on the crowded shelves of a store, or in any other vehicle used for advertising, marketing and promotion.”