Messenger Service. Drop off/ Pick up Service.

Willing to safely transport documents, merchandise, food or any other item (which can fit in a car) needed, to and from requested locations, pay bills, in a efficient, reliable and confidential manner.

Also, car in the shop? Going somewhere with no parking? Just don’t feel like driving? But you don’t want to catch the bus or pay to rent a car or pay expensive taxi fares and need a ride to and from somewhere in a clean and air-conditioned vehicle, with a safe driver? Contact me at 438-0812. Call or Whatsapp.

Please call or whatsapp me at 438-0812, to arrange your service. Willing to do one-time services or as a ongoing arrangement.

Service Available in Nassau, The Bahamas. All hours of the day (within current curfew limitations)


What do you mean by messenger service?

a person who takes messages from one person or group to another or others. 2 a person who runs errands or is employed to run errands. 3 a carrier of official dispatches; courier.
What does a messenger service do?

Messengers or couriers who make deliveries between businesses may travel by foot, public transportation, bicycle, motorcycle, or truck. They must be familiar with the geographic area, know the fastest routes, and be able to maneuver through heavy urban congestion.
Where is Messenger in services?

Then I did a little research to find out how to re-enable it, and when you go to run and go to services. msc, Messenger should be found under the window that pops up, and you should have the option to start the service.

What is the difference between messenger and email?

Email is great for sharing files and provides a written record of communications which can be particularly important in a business setting. The main difference between email and instant messaging, however, is generally the speed of communication and susceptibility to junk and spam mail.

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