Invincible is an adult animated series, which follows the journey of Mark Greyson facing the realities of being a hero. Amber is Mark’s girlfriend, who he loves to mistreat!

Everybody hates Amber and it’s not right, Amber has patiently waited on Mark hand and foot, so her decision to dump him is totally grounded!

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Is Amber in the comics Invincible?
Invincible debuted this past Friday with three episodes to kick off the series. Among the changes that were made in the transition from comic to series, one major one was changing the character, Amber Bennett, from a blonde character to a Black one.29-Mar-2021
Does Amber know Mark is Invincible?
On the ride home from Upstate University, Amber freezes out Mark Grayson. She also brushes Mark off when he reveals that he’s Invincible. It turns out that Amber guessed the truth weeks ago, but she rejects Mark for not telling her the truth.24-Apr-2021
Does Invincible leave?
When one of the Reanimen attacked, Mark abandoned to become Invincible. An act that outraged since she thought Mark abandoned her to save his own skin, leaving her to die.
Why do and Mark break up invincible?

Bennet came into Mark’s life shortly after he became Invincible. … She confided in his friends that she thought he was a drug dealer (to which they laughed because they knew he was Invincible and she didn’t). When one of the Reanimen attacked Mark abandoned to become Invincible.

Does Mark get with Eve in invincible?
Though they’re both saddened by the lost time, Mark and Eve reconcile and comfort each other. Though go off to build a new life, with Mark even letting Eve’s revealed affair during his absence slide.

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