Invincible (2021) Amazon Original Prime Video – Amber Bennett

Invincible Amber is an adult animate series based on the comic book seriess by Skybound/Image comic. The story follows Mark Grayson a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark gains his own powers and learns the harsh realities of becoming a superhero.

Invincible certainly breaks the mold of what you’d expect from the superhero genre. It does this by constantly subverting expectations and breaking every single superhero troupe we’ve come to love, hate and settle with.


  • One of the Mauler twins actually get hurt by a bullet shot by a security officer
  • Omni Man pulls no punches when training his son and actually knocks the wind out of him
  • Invincible fails to save anyone in his first battle and ends up breaking an old ladies arm in a poor attempt to help her
  • Omni Man kills the guardians of the globe

Amber does not care that mark was off saving the world, she broke up with him because he gave her excuses instead of telling her the truth about him being Invincible.

However, the anger toward Amber is not misplace.

As viewers, we got to see mark make small improvements in learning to handle his powers

while still trying to balance his personal relationships. This makes it very easy for us to empathize with him and accept his excuses as legitimate reasons for blowing Amber off. Amber has seen none of his growth as a hero, and only knows Mark as the bad boyfriend that keeps ditching her.

It’s implied that Amber already knows about Adam Eve’s Identity, so it’s understandable that she would have issues with her boyfriend hiding his other half.

All in all, Amber deserves a break! She has given Mark slack on more than one occasion, so she also deserves to be for given.