Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? Are you tired of services costing more for the same thing? Do you have a unique product/service that needs to be seen to sell like tesla stocks? Do you have a hobby that you do for fun but can make lots of money?

All of these questions have the same answer.!

This is the online marketplace for freelancers to show what they made of. If you don’t have a job or lost it due to the pandemic, this could be a way to find customers from around the world. Otherwise, if you are an employer, you could source local/global talent from a pool of qualified freelancers. New types of jobs are being create where automation has replaced most of the laborious ones. Digital skills are not only essential as a side hustle to supplement income, but they help keep you relevant in an ever-evolving labor market. Talent is global so start by visiting and browsing the digital services you need.

We make it simple, safe, and affordable to start your online business. Commission fees for sellers are 10%, the lowest in the freelancing market! Moreover, Bahamagigs is committe to customer satisfaction and constantly looking for feedback to enhance our user experience. Submit a ticket if you don’t see a category that describes your business. Take advantage of a featured listing to distinguish yourself or post a job for the top freelancers to apply. Below is a brief 3 step tutorial on how to use Bahamagigs.

Step 1 – Getting Started

  • Sign up with an account to trade services
  • Confirm your account with the activation link sent to your email
  • View your online business through your dashboard

Your dashboard is your home base for monitoring your store’s performance. Keep track of the most essential statics to scale your business and receive performance-based promotion for Bahamagigs. Below, the most important aspects of your dashboard are encircl.

Under “My Jobs,” it would be a good idea to gather useful pictures that show what you have of your clients. Don’t hesitate to submit a ticket if options to “Edit your profile” are not there. 

Step 2 – Using your dashboard

  • You can request a withdrawal from your Balance on your Bahamagigs wallet
  • Can youcheck your sale frequency with Order Statistics 
  • Edit your profile to emphasize your brand
  • You can manage all the Jobs displayed on your online store 
  • You can keep track of the jobs you sold through Orders and the jobs you purchased through Tasks

Now that you have a good understanding of the store’s overall performance, you will need to understand how to manage the finer details. If you have a dispute with another user, be sure to keep records to show the admin when making a determination on credit allocation. Additional store operating features are show below.

Step 3 – Managing your Store

  • Check your Revenues to submit a withdrawal request
  • Filter your Invoices for sorting through payments
  • Use Bookmarks to save your favorite jobs
  • Check the status of your job with Job Verification
  • Update your payment information with Payment Method
  • Turn on/off email notification with Subscriber Settings


In this brief tutorial, we discussed why everyone should monetize their hobbies. There is no such thing as “Job Security!” It is imperative to remain relevant in the new online labor market and leverage technology even for in-person services. To make the first step simple, we discussed signing up for an online store on Our 3 step tutorial will help you to understand your store’s performance and manage your store’s daily operation.